Maximizing Insurance Claims

At Flatland Roofing Company, roofing services aren’t our only specialty. Our team members are also expertly adept at navigating the world of insurance claims. Homeowners have been paying into storm insurance and roof insurance for as long as they’ve been homeowners. When storm damage hits, it is time to put that money to work and proceed with the best possible repairs.

From claim filing to damage coverage, we help you maximize your insurance claims!

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Roof Damage Restoration Services Going Above and Beyond

When homeowners are faced with roof damage as a result of storms, the next step is dealing with insurance companies. This will be your means to fund the roof restoration, repairs, or complete replacement, and ideally will have to pay little to nothing out of your pocket. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t aware of their policy entitlements and get lost amidst loopholes.

At Flatland Roofing Company, we are proud to provide invaluable advice and advocate on the behalf of homeowners affected by storm damage. We want you to get the most out of your storm claim and make every effort to make that happen.

With professional advice and guidance, detailed documentation, and due diligence, you can overcome the insurance and financial logistics and move forward with your needed roof repairs. With our services and support, you’ll be enjoying a safe and protected home in no time.

Helping You Sort Out the Logistics of Roofing Insurance

As soon as unexpected storm damage has struck your home, we get to work immediately. As you begin to open and file a claim, our professionals are with you every step of the way.

The first and most valuable piece of advice is to keep your receipts and make comprehensive documents of all storm-related expenses. This would include temporary relocation accommodations, interior destruction as a result of storm damage, and other expenses which are byproducts of the situation.

Generally, in the filing of a claim, your insurance company will send an adjuster to professionally assess the damage in an accurate manner. Other things you’ll want to determine are whether the type of damage is covered in your policy terms, how long you have to file, and repair timeframes.

Professionals with Expert Familiarity in Storm Insurance and Claim Filing

Flatland Roofing Company understands the time sensitivity of these situations. Once your claim has been filed, our contractors will be able to undertake your roof restoration or repairs in the required time.

We help you deal with your insurance company, compiling all useful information and paperwork. Our impressive attention to detail leaves no aspect or component overlooked.

In a difficult situation, our support will be invaluable to you and your family.

Addressing Storm Damage to Your Roof Promptly and Completely

To effectively open, file, and maximize your claim entitlements following storm damage, there is no company more knowledgeable in roofing than Flatland Roofing Company.

We’ll not only provide your roof with outstanding restorations and repairs, but will help you navigate other avenues of the process.

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