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Painting is hard. West Texas weather can take a toll on your exteriors causing build up of mud, dirt, and debris. This can cause that weekend project to drag on or even worse to be put off or incomplete. The heat and water can cause even more problems as siding begins to chip and crack. Our team of professionals love the challenge of restoring homes they do it for a living!

Expert exterior painting services company

Exterior painting can be a tall order (literally), with the risk of working at tall heights with the potential of preparing the surface incorrectly, or using the wrong materials. This risk is often not worth the reward, let our team restore the value of your investment. At Flatland Roofing Company, we pride ourselves on being a great option for exterior painting. We offer residential painting and commercial painting in the Lubbock area, so give us a call.

High quality materials produce high quality results

By using only the highest quality of products, we guarantee that rich beautiful color remains several seasons after the application. Professional application means proper preparation and materials for every job. At Flatland Roofing Company we love giving our customers quality options such as Sherwin Williams and PPG, if there is a brand or color you would like we can gladly discuss this during our consultation.

The typical exterior painting process

  • Meet one of our exterior painting designers to understand your goals, and work together to formulate a plan that makes your vision come to reality.
  • Make key decisions including what areas will be painted, the type of paint and the color(s), create a layout and signoff on the final decisions.
  • Prepare the area for painting, this includes any scrapping or removing build-up of dirt and debris so that application is consistent and the life of the paint is long.
  • Caulk and patch any cracks and seal any joints, this prevents peeling and chipping.
  • Apply primer to assist in the bonding and helps create a consistent a color.
  • Apply a high-quality paint that holds its color and goes on smoothly.
  • Conduct an extensive quality check to find any touch ups.
  • You sign off that you are happy with the work we’ve done!

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